Embark on a Culinary Adventure with Khiri Travel: Saigon Evening Street Food Tour!

Vietnam’s food is often considered one of the main highlights of a visit to the country. The food scene is a captivating tapestry of flavors, reflecting a rich culinary heritage deeply rooted in tradition and innovation. Local specialty dishes are renowned throughout and among the jewels of this gastronomic treasure trove, Ho Chi Minh City stands out as a vibrant hub, offering an unforgettable journey into the heart of Vietnamese food culture. At Khiri Travel we offer a number of unique experiences throughout Vietnam to help uncover the delight of Vietnamese food and the recently revamped Saigon Evening Street Food tour allows guests to understand some of the street food options in this vibrant city.

As the sun starts to set over Ho Chi Minh City, our Saigon Evening Street Food Tour begins at 5 p.m. Join our experienced guide and driver near a bustling central park, a gathering place for locals after work, and the iconic Tan Dinh Church – the second-largest church in the city. Witness the enduring Gothic and Renaissance elements, and the vibrant pink colour, that have weathered Vietnam’s turbulent history. From here is a short stroll to the bustling Tan Dinh Market, an authentic Vietnamese marketplace and a beloved shopping destination for locals.

At its entrance, a plethora of street vendors’ beckons, offering some of Saigon’s finest street food in the evening. Guests will be introduced to the variety of dishes on offer before the chance the sample the delightful Sup Cua (Vietnamese Crab Soup). Indulge in the rich and flavorful sup cua, a Vietnamese crab soup that tantalizes the taste buds with its delicate combination of fresh crab, aromatic herbs, and a savoury thick broth. Experience the warmth of this comforting dish, a true culinary gem loved by locals and visitors alike. Following the first of the evenings dishes venture into the enchanting small alleys of Saigon and become part of the vibrancy and chaos that seems to take place at all times.

At the end of a narrow alley a popular local street restaurant serves up the city’s best banh xeo – a crispy pancake filled with a delicious medley of ingredients. Take a seat, relish the flavors, and observe the skilled chefs revealing the secrets of this central Vietnamese delicacy. Banh xeo typically includes a mixture of pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, and herbs, creating a delightful harmony of textures and tastes. Our culinary journey then continues to one of our favourite local restaurants, Hoang Ty restaurant, an oasis of flavors. Enjoy the renowned Banh trang phoi suong, a special fresh spring roll known as the ‘moon cake’ of Tay Ninh, and savor Bo la lot – minced beef wrapped in wild betel leaf. Banh trang phoi suong, crafted from rice paper left overnight, is complemented by Vietnam’s customary fresh herbs, vegetables, and served with boiled pork and sweet pickled carrots. Having explored the savory side of the city, guests have the opportunity to satisfy their sweet cravings at a traditional Vietnamese café with a luscious sweet tofu pudding. Crafted from soybeans, this popular treat boasts a smooth, creamy texture reminiscent of a light flan and is a popular dessert option for young and trendy Vietnamese.

The tour concludes the evening at a live music café, where the melodies of Vietnamese music create a vibrant backdrop. Mingle with locals, share stories, and return to your hotel with cherished memories of an authentic night out, having experienced the best of Saigon’s evening street food scene.

Guests should not miss this unique opportunity to delve into the culinary wonders of Ho Chi Minh City. For other unique culinary experiences consider also the Hanoi Afternoon Street Food Tour, Hue Street Food Tour by Cyclo, Hoi An Walking Tour with Foodie Experience, or experience local food on the back of a vintage Vespa or scooter. Alternatively try one of the number of cooking classes the tour offers in each of the main centres through Vietnam to truly understand the sophistication of Vietnam’s cuisine. Vietnam’s culinary delights await. Reach out at sales.vietnam@khiri.com for more details.

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