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Category: Culinary

16 March 2022
Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Sri Lanka
Delight in Sri Lanka Cuisine
Throughout its history, Sri Lanka has been influenced by a variety of cultures. It started with the “Veddhas” who are conside...
1 February 2022
Culinary, Inspirations, Responsible
Vocation Training in Southeast Asia
The Asian cuisine is definitely one of the reasons to visit one of the Khiri destinations – Thai Currys, Vietnamese Pho, Indo...
10 January 2022
Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Laos
Rice culture in Laos - A way of life
Rice is the ultimate foundation of everyday life in Asia. In Laos, as in most Asian nations, it is more than just a staple in...
10 January 2022
Adventure Travel, Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Thailand
Learn about - Thailand and Thai people
The exploration of modern Thai culture in the 21st century, as time moves on do cultures change and adapt to our modern-day s...