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Category: Culinary

March 16, 2022
Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Sri Lanka
Delight in Sri Lanka Cuisine
Throughout its history, Sri Lanka has been influenced by a variety of cultures. It started with the “Veddhas” who are conside...
February 1, 2022
Culinary, Inspirations, Responsible
Vocation Training in Southeast Asia
The Asian cuisine is definitely one of the reasons to visit one of the Khiri destinations – Thai Currys, Vietnamese Pho, Indo...
January 10, 2022
Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Laos
Rice culture in Laos - A way of life
Rice is the ultimate foundation of everyday life in Asia. In Laos, as in most Asian nations, it is more than just a staple in...
January 10, 2022
Adventure Travel, Art & Culture, Culinary, Khiri Travel Thailand
Learn about - Thailand and Thai people
The exploration of modern Thai culture in the 21st century, as time moves on do cultures change and adapt to our modern-day s...