Experience starts with a refreshing arrack cocktail in Colombo.

While Colombo might not boast of being the flashiest skyline when it comes to Asian cities, a bird’s eye view of the city with the Lotus tower in the backdrop is still pretty amazing.

So, late in the afternoon as the sun starts to bid adieu for the day, you will join an insider from Colombo who will take you along to Headquarters by W15, one of the latest rooftop bars to open in Colombo. Here the entire menu here has been designed with inspiration from the streets of Colombo and the interior design also follows the same concept. Hence this is the perfect experience for those who look forward to an authentic local food & beverage indulgence but in a more comfortable setting and in style.

Sri Lanka has a strong drinking culture where arrack takes the spotlight. Arrack is a distilled spirit made out of the fermented sap of the coconut flower. Fittingly, this experience starts with a refreshing arrack cocktail together with some chickpeas (Kadala) and Prawn Vadai; THE two most sought-after drinking bytes amongst the locals. Sri Lankans consider it a must to eat something along with any type of alcohol and the insider will share more stories of the arrack drinking culture and its history.

Last but not the least, a finely presented Kottu Roti, probably the most famous street food dish in Sri Lanka. It would be a shame if you visit Colombo and not have a Kottu! Upon completion, return to your hotel with satisfied taste buds.


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