Hues of Habarana is a Khiri Select experience that caters exactly to that, it is a village cycling tour which explores the lifestyle and cottage industries of the local villagers of Sri Lanka.

While the average tourist would think that the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is all about visiting ancient cities and temples, the more passionate traveler would always yearn to explore deeper into how people in this area spend their day-to-day life. And especially when you are traveling as a family with kids and teenagers, they tend to get bored of visiting too many cultural sites and would prefer activities that are easier for them to engage with. Hues of Habarana is a Khiri Select experience that caters exactly to that, it is a village cycling tour which explores the lifestyle and cottage industries of the local villagers. 


Joelle from our Product team recently set out on this experience as part of our regular inspection and fine-tuning process and she believes that this experience is all about the PEOPLE because after all, it’s people that makes places beautiful. What fascinated her the most was the diversity of landscapes throughout the route ranging from small dirt roads, off the beaten path tracks, lakeside trails to areas with small village houses. To make this a more local inclusive experience, the cycling guide for the trail will be a villager from the area itself and fluent English doesn’t come to them naturally. But he will make up for it with his typical Sri Lankan hospitality and in-depth knowledge of the area. For those who find it hard to cycle, this experience can also be done on Tuk Tuks and an e-bike option is also there to make things a bit more easier for cycling. 

Start off by going along the inner village roads where it’s good to keep an eye for birdlife. One of the initial stops is at a place where they make bricks out of clay. Clay bricks are used most commonly for construction in the villages and hence this is an important cottage industry for the village life.

Next stop is at a traditional village clay house where the lady will serve you some freshly fried lake fish which is a delicacy in this area. The secret about this recipe is to deep fry the fish to the right amount where the outer later becomes crispy while retaining the tenderness inside. And of course, not forgetting a cup of plain tea to wash it down, just like the locals do!

Next stop will be at a house workshop where coir brooms are produced. Since many of the village houses doesn’t have tiled floors, sweeping the floor is a daily practice and there are different types of brooms for indoors and outdoors. Another stop will be at a house where a grandma produces a traditional ayurvedic oil which the locals often apply for all kinds of bruises and leg pains.

The most interesting part especially for kids will be the visit to the house of the village dancing teacher to observe some of the traditional dancing steps. Here you will get the chance to take part and learn a few freestyle Sri Lankan dancing moves. 

The final stop will be at a house where you get to taste a mouth-watering traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry lunch prepared by Dilini, a lady from the village. The different curries which comes in different colours are not just a treat for the taste buds but also for your eyes. They say in Sri Lankan that every experience ends with a home-cooked meal and indeed there’s no better way to end on a high note!

The Hues of Habarana experience promises a memorable adventure that celebrates the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan village life, leaving participants with a deeper appreciation for the warmth and hospitality of its people. For further inquiries or bookings, interested travelers can contact Khiri’s sales team at

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