Stepping into a small home studio where the walls are alive with Batuan paintings, a style known for its intricate depictions of Balinese mythology. Here, you meet a master painter

Welcome to a journey that delves deep into the heart of Bali, an island celebrated not just for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its rich tapestry of artistic traditions. At Khiri Indonesia, we offer an extraordinary glimpse into the lives of Bali’s valued artists, right where they create their masterpieces.

In the 1930s, Ubud blossomed as an artists’ haven, attracting talent that eventually defined it as the center of Balinese art. Today, it remains vibrant, with each village and region showcasing unique styles of handicrafts, from intricate carvings and detailed paintings to handcrafted jewelry and sculptures. In Ubud, art is not just created; it is lived and breathed, making it the perfect setting for our immersive art experiences.

Imagine stepping into a small home studio where the walls are alive with Batuan paintings, a style known for its intricate depictions of Balinese mythology. Here, you meet a master painter, his hands a testament to his craft, stained with the colorful pigments of natural dyes. As you watch him work, stories of gods and demons come to life under his expert strokes—a process both mesmerizing and profoundly intimate. Or perhaps you will find yourself in the serene environment of another artist’s studio. Here, the calm is almost palpable as Balinese paintings portray religious myths and invite you into their serene world. The artist guides your hand, helping you paint your canvas—an artwork that you will carry home not just as a souvenir but as a piece of Balinese heritage.

In another corner of Ubud, a woodcarver reveals his inspiration drawn from the natural world and the spiritual life of Bali. You observe as his chisel uncovers the delicate forms of flowers and traditional motifs on wooden panels, transforming simple materials into expressions of cultural identity. Each visit culminates in a meaningful connection not just with the art but also with the artists themselves. You are invited to share a meal prepared by the artist’s family, offering you a taste of traditional Indonesian cuisine—a feast for your senses in the very homes where creativity thrives.

Throughout your experience, a passionate and knowledgeable local guide will accompany you, bridging language and cultural gaps and deepening your understanding of each artwork and its creator. Remember, these visits are intimate, ensuring authentic and respectful exchanges. Keep in mind that the availability of artists may vary as they participate in local ceremonies or events, but worry not—Ubud’s rich community ensures a multitude of creative encounters. Each visit, carefully planned, promises a unique insight into the personal and profound dimensions of Balinese art.

As your day with Khiri Indonesia concludes, the experience leaves a lasting imprint on your heart. The sounds of Gamelan music, the sight of intricately carved masks, and the vivid images on Batuan canvases enrich your soul, reminding you of the enduring power of human creativity. These moments, shared with the island’s skilled artists, become more than just memories; they become stories to cherish and recount, woven into the fabric of your travels.

Eager to experience firsthand the craftsmanship of Balinese art? Contact us at to craft your personal artistic adventure in the heart of this culturally rich island. This isn’t just a trip; it is a passage into the soul of Bali, seen through the eyes of its most passionate creators. Join us for a truly transformative experience.

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