Enjoy a spiritual festive season in Galle Sri Lanka with beach accommodation & a Buddhist ceremony

Christmas & New Year on the Beach in Galle

While the festive season at the end of the year is one of the best times to travel with the holidays, the flipside is that destinations tend to be crowded and busier. However, this year it seems like Sri Lanka would be one of the destinations that might not be packed with tourists. Since the country has just started the recovery process from the economic crisis that hit earlier in the year, hotels still have availability and a vacation away from the crowds still seems to be a possibility here.

Where to Stay

The Southern coast of Sri Lanka usually enjoys perfect sunny weather during this time of the year and hence provides the best opportunity to relax and wind down after doing a bit of travelling around the island. While the beaches are not as white and waters not as turquoise as in the Maldives, what you would find here is comparatively better value for money.

Our top pick from hotels would be KK Beach, Habaraduwa. This is a 10-room contemporary and stylish beachfront boutique hotel. A pristine beachfront lapped by the Indian Ocean sets a blissful scene for KK Beach. Rooms and suites enjoy unrivalled coastal views and the design blends contemporary architecture with a hint of the old-world charm as well. A 20m swimming pool invites you for a dip while the restaurant serves some of the best fusion cuisine inspired by the southern region of the island while special mention should go to the seafood dishes. Located on the west side of Habaraduwa, the hotel is just 12km from Galle and the beach stretches as far as the eye can see.

Another main reason for us to pick this property is because they host arguably the most sought-after Christmas’ eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations in the south coast. Our friends at KK Collection really know how to party and it shows in their Gala Dinner celebrations. With a nice spread of dishes for the tastebuds to party, a DJ to dance away the night by the beach and midnight fireworks – what else could you ask for!

What to Experience

How about a Spiritual Journey in Galle to bid farewell to the year and welcome a new one with positive vibes? This experience allows you to observe how the locals really perform rituals in a Buddhist temple and it ends with a special blessing from the resident monks.

Once at this temple with a mystic vibe, as soon as you get rid of your flip flops you will feel the peaceful yet mystical atmosphere crawling up from your toes and calming the mind.

Your guide who is a Buddhist himself will take you on a spiritual journey to purge the body and mind from negative thoughts and pay tribute to Buddha. You will feel impressed standing in front of the big Buddha statue while you offer the traditional Pichcha Flowers. Other rituals you will experience are the burning of incense, lighting up votive lamps and offering water to a sacred Bo Tree – your guide will tell you more about the meaning of these Pujas.

After the offerings you will be ready to receive the blessing from the devoted monks, but before getting there don’t forget to have a look inside the room shaped into the rocks where Buddha lies – the mural paintings have been there since years. Kneel down facing Buddha, hold on to the Pirith Noola and close your eyes while your body and spirit are lulled by the sound of the Pali chants.

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