An extraordinary adventure trekking to Rinjani, promising to be the highlight of your Lombok experience.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure that promises to be the highlight of your Lombok experience. This adventure Is not just a trek; it is a journey into the heart of nature’s majesty, culminating in a sunrise that paints the sky, all while you stand atop the breathtaking crater rim of the mighty Mt Rinjani.

The trek to Rinjani`s crater rim is a two-day journey of adventure and variety starting from the quaint village of Aik Berik. The morning starts off with a safety briefing about the safety procedures and trek specifics to ensure your utmost comfort as you enjoy your morning refreshment. Your ultimate Lombok adventure is full of unique viewpoints, as you begin with a warm-up trek from Aik Bering to the enchanting Benang Stokel Waterfall. Benang Stokel Waterfall`s natural beauty is highlighted by cascading twin waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery in the heart of Lombok. Next, your first trek milestone awaits after about 1.5 hour climb at Basecamp One, which is situated at 800 meters above sea level. After a brief but well-deserved rest, you will continue to your next achievement point which is Bascamp Two (1400 meters) and Basecamp Three (1850 meters). The trek is rewarding for the eyes as you pass by beautiful, lush forests and you will experience the contrasting shift of landscape to volcanic rock.

The climax of your trek is the arrival at Pelawanh Batu Belah, the crater rim, where the landscape unfolds into a breathtaking panorama of the Segara Anak lake and the summit beyond. Here, in the midst of this dramatic scenery, you will camp under the stars, enveloped by the peaceful ambiance of nature at its most serene. As evening falls, a delicious dinner prepared by a skilled cook turns a simple meal into an unforgettable dining experience. There is something profoundly magical about enjoying a meal in such an extraordinary setting.

Finally, the highlight of your adventure greets you at dawn, a sunrise that will be etched itself in your memory forever. As the sun ascends, its rays illuminate the lake and summit, casting a spellbinding light over the landscape, a moment of pure bliss and awe.

The trek back is a time to reflect on the incredible journey you have undertaken, a journey that concludes with a well-deserved rest back at your hotel, where relaxation and rejuvenation await.

This two-day, one-night trek to Rinjani’s Crater Rim offers more than just a trek, it is an adventure of the spirit, inviting you to connect with nature, challenge yourself, and witness the astounding beauty of Lombok from its most famous vantage point. Do not miss the opportunity to make this journey a part of your Lombok experience.

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