Khiri Travel highlights different types of summer fun for families to experience in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Looking for ideas for your families who want to have some fun in Thailand this summer? Here are some examples of best sellers in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


Paddleboarding around Bang Krachao 

Set off for a trip across town and river to explore Bangkok’s Green Lung on paddleboard. 

We bring the guests by local transport to the harbor area, sprawling Klong Toei, and board a local boat for crossing the Chaophraya River to an amazing green area: Bang Krachao, also known as the Green Lung. Once there the family will meet with the guide and will get ready for the SUP adventure. Following a clear briefing they will set out on the board on either on the Chaophraya River or some of the inland canals. 


Experience Muay Thai, an ancient form of martial arts with a personal training session from your master.

“Muay Thai” is above all a way of life, we bring guests to very authentic gym in the outskirts of Bangkok for a 2 hours introduction and personal Muay Thai training to better understand this philosophy. Family will meet with the instructor and learn basic  skills and discover the techniques of this combat style sport which uses the whole body as a weapon and shield. They will also witness the rituals performed before a match and appreciate the significance of the armband, shorts and headpiece.


Go Snoop – an outdoor detective adventure game!

Our partner GoSnoop offers a unique way to discover Rattanokosin Island (preserved traditional district of Phra Nakhon (old town) and the Temple of the Golden Mount (Wat Saket).

Like a real Sherlock Holmes, the family will have to seek for clues and solve mysterious riddle by exploring secret corners of the capital on foot.

Supping around Bang Krachao
Muay Thai
Go Snoop

Chiang Mai

Obviously, elephants is usually one of the highlights of a family trip in Thailand, and Chiang Mai offers very different type of experiences. 

Journey to the Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade was founded by Marc Spits and his son Mike in 2006. It was during a trip to Thailand that Marc met a baby elephant named Mosha, who had lost part of his leg after stepping on a landmine . Mosha was the inspiration for the project.

The first Elephant Parade exhibition was held in Rotterdam in 2007. The Friends of Asian Elephant Hospital, Mosha’s home base in Lampang, Thailand, was the first organization to receive the contributions generated by Elephant Parade and structurally continues to receive funds to care for Mocha. 

Guests set out on a cruise along the Ping River to Elephant Parade Land and will hear stories about the founding of the center while soaking in the views and observe life along the river. The family take a short walk from the pier to Elephant Parade Land and will connect with an insider and discover more about the worldwide journey of the Elephant Parade. Learn about elephant conservation, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the production process, and witness talented artists at work. 

Children can get creative and paint their own design on their miniature elephant guided by the onsite artists on hand to give tips on how to enhance their personal statue.


Poopoopaper Park  

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we love to propose the Elephant Poopoopaper Park.

The eco-park and open-air museum present the manufacture of famous paper products made from elephant (as well as buffalo, cow and horse) dung fibers. Each of the 8 pavilions that travelers can visit describes a different stage: from the collection of excrement, to the rinsing, to the assembly.

Family can participate to a workshop and craft their own very unique souvenir made from elephant poop eco-friendly paper. 

And obviously an experience in an elephant camp is unmissable. 

Spend time with these amazing animals, listen to stories shared by the park ranger guides and assist with feeding and bathing.

The camp is located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, the family will pass rural landscapes and deep into the forest to the acclaimed Kanta Elephant Sanctuary.They will hear from the professional and passionate ranger guides about the ongoing issues facing wild elephant populations. The family will change into traditional clothing and assist with the preparation of their special daily diet of sticky rice and fruits. They will meet the elephants, take part in their feeding and spend time observing these incredible animals from a safe environment. 

Elephant Parade
Poopoopaper park
Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

The Sticky Waterfalls!

30 to 40 minutes drive from Kanta Elephant Sanctuary, guests can combine with The “sticky waterfalls”, which are part of the Sri Lanna National Park and are one of the original sights of the region. Travelers can literally go up or down and play in the middle of the waterfalls on foot (with the help of ropes all the same) without too much risk. The waterfalls are bordered by a beautiful forest. Depending on when the guests visit the place , we can arrange a picnic at the top while admiring the view (but we strongly recommend to come early to avoid the crowds, or before sunset for the colors on the rock) 

The source of the waterfall is calcium rich above which feeds the waterfall at three levels over 100m. This water leaves mineral deposits on the rocks, preventing slippery material (like algae) from growing.


Ride a vintage Vespa!

For families with children above 6 years old, we recommend a Vintage Vespa ride! Our preferred itinerary (4-5hrs) for the families starts at Tha Pae Gate and goes along the narrow streets of the old town. Then Wat Phrathat Doi Kham, one of the oldest temples in the city (7th century), the community of artists Baan Kang Wat and finally the most famous market in Chiang Mai. The trip ends with the “Iron Temple”.

The Sticky Waterfalls
Ride a vintage Vespa

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